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Spend a wonderful day in York! York is a historic city with a rich heritage, charming streets, and a variety of attractions to explore. So much so it can be overwhelming deciding what to do, so we thought we would help by putting together an itinerary of a great way to spend your time whilst you are here.

A day in York


York Minster: Start your day by visiting the iconic York Minster, one of the largest and most impressive cathedrals in Northern Europe. Explore its stunning architecture, intricate stained glass windows, and take in the panoramic views from the tower if it’s open.

The Shambles: After the Minster, take a stroll through the charming medieval street known as The Shambles. The narrow, timber-framed buildings with overhanging stories create a picturesque atmosphere. You’ll find various shops, cafes, and boutiques here, including the famous York Ghost Merchants where you can pick up your own unique ghost to treasure.

Late Morning:

York Castle Museum: Walk to the York Castle Museum, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past. The museum features interactive exhibits and displays that recreate different historical periods, including a real life Victorian-era street with a proper old fashioned sweet shop, and even a recreated World War II-era home.


Shambles Food Court: Head back to The Shambles area for lunch. There are several cafes, food trucks, and restaurants offering a range of dining options. You can find traditional British dishes as well as international cuisine.


York City Walls: After lunch, take a walk along the well-preserved York City Walls. This offers a unique perspective of the city and its history. You can access the walls from various points around the city, and they provide a leisurely way to see key landmarks.

Jorvik Viking Centre: Immerse yourself in Viking history at the Jorvik Viking Centre. This interactive museum takes you back to the Viking age with recreated streets, houses, and artifacts, providing an engaging and educational experience.

Late Afternoon:

York’s Chocolate Story: York has a rich history when it comes to chocolate production. Visit York’s Chocolate Story to learn about the city’s role in the chocolate industry, take part in chocolate-making demonstrations, and even indulge in some sweet treats along the way and in their own store.


Walk by the River Ouse: As the day winds down, take a relaxing walk along the River Ouse. The riverbank offers serene views and is a great place to unwind. If you’re interested, you might also consider taking a boat cruise on the river to see the city from a different view.

Dinner in the Historic Quarter: There are so many great places to eat in York from British cuisine to Japanese food, through to Michelin star places like the The Star Inn The City, so depending on your taste for the evening definitely have an explore of all that York has to offer! (Do keep an eye out for our blog on York restaurants to find out more recommendations)

Obviously this is just a suggested itinerary to help guide you through a day in York and of course there are still so many other attractions and landmarks to see in York so this can be adapted to suite your tastes and preferences but we do hope it has given some guidance for when you visit our beautiful city. Need accommodation for your stay? Why not head to our home website to see what availability we have across our apartments.

Have any suggestions to add please do pop on a comment and I am sure we can add it to our next itinerary blog.